DIY Equestrian Photo Collage

Have you ever seen those photography collages and thought, hmmm I’d like to try that?  Well, I’m about to share with you how you can.  I recently put together an equestrian photography collage as a point of interest in a bedroom I was redoing.  I had decided to paint the walls a bright color and accent in black and white.  Since these photo collages are a great decor item, I chose to do one in black and white to compliment the accents.

I was able to get these simple black frames (already came with the mats) at my local craft store (Hobby Lobby–even at 50% off!).  Taylor takes center stage in one of my favorite pictures I have taken of him.  I took this while he was still at the rescue right before I adopted him.  It is an 8×10″ photo that I framed in an 11×14″ frame.  The frames surrounding him contain various 4×6″ pictures of equestrian themes–all of which I had printed in black and white.  I will admit that I did find most of the pictures on Pinterest.  I picked my favorites, cleaned the frames, and began the difficult task of choosing their display order.  I laid out the frames and played until I had it the way I liked it.  I hung Taylor’s picture first, in the center, then used a ruler to match and keep everything as uniform and even as possible.  I did one column first then the other.  Then added the two in the middle.  The hardest part is getting all of the pictures straight!  You can have this done in an hour after picking out your pictures.  Now, you have an awesome equestrian themed photo collage!  Perfect for any room in your house!



Tip: Be sure to leave enough space between each picture.  It will really help with dusting and cleaning!

Here are a few diagrams to help get you started!


photo collage

Picture Collage

Staircase collage


*I do not own the pictures and do not claim to own them.  Rights are reserved to who owns them.

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