Dressage After Day 1 at Olympics

The individual dressage competition kicked off today with 25 riders, including US rider Jan Ebeling and the famous Rafalca.  The British are currently leading with Carl Hester in first with a score of 77.720% and Laura Bechtolsheimer in second.  Jan Ebeling was the only U.S. rider to compete today, and he is in 13th place with a score of 70.243%.  Rafalca gave a beautiful performance for Ebeling with a small mistake in a piroutte.  The dressage competition today was not without incident however.  The riders had to deal with the weather when at times the sun shone brightly and other times the rain poured.  The riders continued to compete in the downfalls which did not fair well for Canadian rider David Marcus.  He was eliminated when his horse Capital decided he did not like something in the arena, seemed to me maybe the judge’s stand.

From the U.S.,  Tina Konyot on Calecto V will be the first rider to compete tomorrow, followed byAdrienne Lyle on Wizard and Steffen Peters on Ravel.  The end of the competition tomorrow will determine who advances to the Grand Prix Special.  The top seven teams and top eleven individual riders (who are not already qualified as team members) will compete in the Grand Prix Special.  The top 18 from this competition will then compete in the Grand Prix Freestyle which will determine the medals.

The second day of dressage competition begins August 3 at 11 am (London time).

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