Equestrian Aid Foundation Benefit Scarves

We here at the Velvet Rider like to bring attention to nonprofits that are striving to make the equestrian world a better place.  We were recently contacted by the Equestrian Aid Foundation whose goal is to build a membership based organization to assist anyone in the equestrian world suffering from life threatening illness, catastrophic accidents or injuries by providing direct financial support for their medical or other basic needs.

For more than 16 years, the Equestrian Aid Foundation has provided financial assistance to these equestrians, horsemen and equine-related professionals. Funding for medical, rehabilitation and other essential expenses – such as food and housing – enables our recipients to cope through crisis and get back on their feet.  The EAF is dedicated to helping people of all riding disciplines, equine professions, backgrounds and ages.  They rely on the equestrian community to “take care of their own” through donations and memberships.

One way they achieve this is through the sales of two beautiful silk scarves designed by Linda Bruff Luster that benefit EAF – Zen Horse Koi, which was introduced earlier this year, and Zen Horse 1.  (The artwork used in this design was featured on the cover of the Chronicle of the Horse magazine).   Both are BEAUTIFUL accessories (or framed as art) with the proceeds going to an excellent cause.  Take a moment to click on their logo and learn more about this organization.  Check out the beautiful scarves below.


Zen Horse Koi


Zen Horse 1

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