Get The Look For Less: Dubarry Edition

Have you ever found that perfect piece of clothing but was soon disappointed to find it was a little out of your price range?  I know I’ve been there.  That’s why I’ve decided to begin a “Get The Look For Less” section.  Achieve that same fabulous equestrian style for less!  It’s pretty simple.  It just may mean you have to look in less obvious places.  Equestrian style is everywhere right now.  It’s huge in the fashion world, but hey…can we really blame them?  We’ve known how awesome it is for years!  So keep an eye out…and if you spot something, feel free to shoot it over to me! 😉

First up is the “Get The Look For Less: Dubarry Edition.”  Now, I love the Dubarry brand as much as the next person, but it’s very hard for me to spend $500 on a jacket.  As much as I wish I could, my horse has to eat.  But never fear!  I have found some ways for you to achieve the Dubarry look but for much less cost.

Now remember, I said it could come from less obvious places.  I found these two from Old Navy.  Love the quilted looks?  You can have it!



The Dubarry Galway boots are fabulous!  Not in your price range?  Go for the Dublin Tall River boots!


So see?  You can stop drooling over pricier duds and still look just as fabulous!

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