My Journey to Lyon by Bebe Davis

Hi all!

Sorry for not writing in a while! I have decided to dedicate this blog post to one of the most amazing horse shows of all time, the Reem Acra Dressage World Cup Final.  This year I was lucky enough to attend the competition as the owner of one of the horses lucky enough to be competing. All I can say is WOW!! This is every equestrian’s paradise. Between the amazing horses in both disciplines, the great shopping, the gorgeous venue, and the amazing landscape, there is nothing not to like.  I was so in awe of seeing all of the horses that I have only read about and watched online including, Glock’s Undercover, Damon Hill, Valegro and many others. The riding was superb and I cannot believe how much I learned.

I noticed that the top riders all have one thing in common, accuracy and harmony. They are all spot on with choreography; they use their corners and know how to use each piece of the test to their advantage. The harmony between the horse and rider make the ride seem completely seamless and effortless. Watching Charlotte and Valegro compete, it was amazing how attentive he was to her aids and how fluid her transitions were. Each movement flowed into the next one, and there was never a moment of tension or resistance.

After returning home from Lyon, I realized how much it helped for me to imagine myself riding among the best in the world. I found that by picking pieces out of each ride that I liked I was able to construct my own ideal role model. I loved Edward’s accuracy, Charlotte’s harmony and Helen’s sparkle by combining these elements I was able to create the rider that I one day hope to be. This was truly an amazing experience and I could not be more grateful to my parents for allowing me to tag along.  And of course, Go USA!!

–Bebe Davis



The incredible main arena!


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