Popular Horse Names Infographic

Welcoming a new horse to your family is always an exciting time for horse lovers. If your horse doesn’t already have a name then choosing one is the first and most important task.

You want to make sure that the name you pick feels right and also reflects the individual personality of the horse. With thousands of options out, there it can be a little bit tricky to pick the right one.

Well, today you are in for a treat because we have this handy infographic which is going to make choosing a name a lot easier. HorseClicks have dug through over 14,000 horse for sale adverts which were placed on their site over the past year, and produced a wonderful list of the most popular names.

Not all of the names on the list will be right for you, but if you can’t find the perfect one hopefully you will find some inspiration.


Horses Names

*Special thanks to Neef and HorseClicks for this post!

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