Review: Britonne Saddle Savers Products

I always enjoy finding new (to me) equestrian companies that offer super fun but completely functional products, and that’s exactly what Britonne Saddle Savers does!  They offer a unique line of products that keep your tack safe from dust, scratches, etc.  And who doesn’t want this?  Tack is expensive!  We need to keep it as well cared for as possible so it will last for many years to come.

Let’s start with the Western Saddle Cover.  It’s made of a very soft fleece on the outside and comes lined.  It has a toggle so you can adjust the fit and make it a custom fit to your saddle!  That’s an awesome detail.  This is made very well, not flimsy at all, and is sure to protect your saddle.  This is one of the first saddle covers for a Western saddle like this that I have seen and it’s perfect.  For those of us who ride English, it is available in English size as well.




Look how awesome it looks on your saddle!  It will protect your saddle and it’s so easy to travel with and will provide protection while in your horse trailer.  (Please excuse the other tack in the tack room!)








So now we have the saddle covered…but what about the bridle?  Don’t worry!  Britonne has you covered there as well!  They offer bags that are soft vs. structured, are fabric lined, and easy to use offering protection in the tack room or your trailer without taking up a lot of space.  This is exactly what we need!




It’s simple!  Just pull up your bridle bag and attach your bridle via the buckle on the inside.


Simply, slide the bag down over your bridle and adjust the opening at the bottom with the toggle closure.



And voila!  You have a stylish, yet perfectly functional way to store or travel with your bridle.  I really love this for everyday use in your tack room.  It’s so easy to buckle your bridle in and out and slip on the cover that this will definitely add life to your bridle instead of just hanging it on the hook out in the open in your tack room.  The bridle bags now have a pocket on the outside for bit guards, etc. and one inside for a silica pack to keep moisture/mold at bay, but this one was made prior to the new bags.


This was definitely one of my favorite things from Britonne–the Bit Warmer!  I am notorious for using a little pink hairdryer in the winter to warm up my bit before offering it to Taylor (he’s a bit of a diva and won’t take a super cold bit or maybe I’ve just trained him to not take it…hmmm…).  Throw it in the microwave for 1:30 then wrap it around the bit.  Tip from Britonne: Sometimes for ease, also put a Hot Hands inside too (lay it in the middle of the beanie bag so it stays in the right place) and wrap it around the bit as usual. When you take it off, the Hot Hands is still warm so slip it in your pocket to keep you warm too!  It’s so easy!  I will definitely throw it in the microwave before tacking and my bit will be warm in no time and ready to use!





I’ve seen a lot of stirrup keepers but I loved how these Saddle Savers were made!  They also have the toggle closures which I think work awesome to actually keep them closed around the stirrup.  Most just have a drawstring (which works) but I prefer this one.  You can draw it close and you won’t have to worry about it coming loose and slipping down thus scratching your saddle.  These are made of very soft fleece and the inside lining is super fun!  Damask is one of my favorite patterns so that was a nice surprise to find on the inside.  They look amazing!





These stirrup covers are sized to be multi-purpose.  Not only do they protect the saddle from scratches caused by dirt left on the stirrup iron bed, but they can be used for phones, keys, snacks on a trail ride, as a show survival kit (spare hair net, shoe polish kit etc), storing spurs, studs, or even nothing to so with horses at all!  Use with iPods, charging cables, camera lenses, in the car for GPS, jewelry, pet treats (especially the nylon-lined ones), etc.  The possibilities are endless!

All in all, I would say Britonne has some of the best protective equestrian products I have found.  The best feature is the toggle closure because it really does allow for a custom fit to each item you have.  The prints are really fun, and the tag is beautiful.  They are fully useful and will definitely brighten your area of the tack room.

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