Skinny Jeans in Western Wear By Bryce Thomas

VR is happy to share this piece with you by guest blogger Bryce Thomas of AA Callister, one of the leading retailers of cowboy boots and western wear.  He is sharing with us how to wear your skinny jeans with a western twist!


Skinny Jeans in Western Wear

Skinny jeans are the most popular style of ladies’ denim right now, and western fashion is no exception. Skinny jeans are usually mid to low rise, and fit snugly from top to bottom, through the waist, hips, legs and at the ankle. It’s impossible to walk into a retailer and not see skinny jeans displayed. In many stores, it’s hard to find anything else. A bootcut jean will always be the classic western option, but you can have some fun riding the skinny jean fashion wave and still stay true to your western style.

Pick a Top

Skinny jeans can basically be paired with any style of top. If you wear them with a fitted top, in a cropped or above-the hips length, you’ll show off your belt buckle nicely. For looser, blousey, or longer cut shirts, it’s always a good idea to wear something fitted on the bottom so your clothing doesn’t overwhelm your figure. Skinny jeans are the perfect choice for these kinds of tops. You can skip the leggings and stick with your country favorite, denim, while still cutting a nice figure.


Show Off Your Boots

Perhaps the most appealing feature of skinny jeans from a cowgirl’s standpoint is that they’re really great for showing off your favorite cowboy boots! Skinny jeans tuck easily into your boots without creasing or bunching on your legs. You can easily pull your boots over the top of them, leaving the entire shaft with all of its beautiful details exposed. This is especially handy if you’ve got a pair of boots that feature some unique embellishment, but it looks great with classic brown as well.


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Add Some Flair

When wearing skinny jeans, you can easily add contemporary flair to your outfit. Many styles of skinny jeans feature back pockets that are heavily stitched, studded with rhinestones, or decked out with a fold over pocket flap and a pretty snap. This will give a modern touch to your western style that you’ll love. Many skinny jeans have contrast stitching throughout, which creates some long lines down the legs, all the way to your cowboy boots. Skinny jeans come in every color imaginable as well, so you can put a fun twist on denim with some bright splashes of color.

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