7 Winning Tips to Keep Your Horse Happy

Just like dogs, cats, parrots, and other pets, horses are a very famous animal among the people. You know one can get so many health benefits. From ancient times, the horse is the best of friends for humans.

From your horse, you can reap so many benefits, and if you are suffering from a mental disorder, then Equine Horse Therapy can help a lot.

Not only you, but the horse also teaches so many things to your kids which may help them in turn learn life lessons.

Though you are getting many positive things, do you ever think about your horse like his health, his likes or dislikes, how to make the horse happy, and so on?

If you don’t know how to keep your horse happy, then here we offer you suggested guidelines about this. So, let’s have a look.


Here are 7 Winning Tips to Keep Your Horse Happy:

1) Regular Exercise:

We know exercise is an important part of being human. Just like us horses also need exercise to stay healthy and fit.

If your horse lived in American Barns then it is very easy for you to schedule exercise daily. Daily workout keeps your horse healthy and helps to reduce his stress. Not only this, but exercise allows them to release pent up energy.

2) Keep Vaccinations:

Vaccination is very important in animals as well as humans. Proper and timely vaccination helps you to keep your horse healthy and fit.

All the time when your horse is sick, it needs so much energy to recover. So, if you always give routine vaccinations to the horse then it will help your horse to easily recover against more serious diseases.

For regular vaccinations, you can ask your vet for a list of vaccines he suggests you give to your horse and which ones are most important for your horse. This is one of the best tips to keep your horse happy.

3) Select a Safe and Comfortable Environment for Your Horse: 

Your horse needs housing that not only keeps him safe but also makes him comfortable. If your horse lives in a barn, provide them a stall and protection.  If they live outdoors, they will need a way to get out of the sun – a run-in shed or shady trees can give them protection from the elements.

For a healthy and happy life, providing them a dry walking area, grass, rubber mats, and hoof care. This will aid in a happy horse.

4) Provide Them Good Nutrition:

You know that the digestive system of your horse is designed to process large amounts of fibrous foods regularly.

To keep the horse’s digestive health and increase their energy level, you should include grass or hay in their regular diet with some grains.

To provide perfect nutritious, include traditional minerals blocks with loose minerals and imperative minerals.

Don’t only concentrate on food; you must also provide fresh water.

5) Go for Regular Dental Checkup:

Your horse’s teeth are also important. Plan for a checkup about once a year. Teeth of the horse continue to grow and you do not want them damaged by opposing teeth.  The teeth to be filed regularly to ensure the horse is comfortable when he eats.

Without regular dental check-ups, your horse could develop problems that could lead to more serious problems like colic and choke.

6) Take Care of Their Hooves:

It is important to take care of the horse’s hooves, and for that, you should regularly trim it. Every horse is different and the growth of its hooves also vary from one horse to another.

Most of the time every horse hoof grows between 4 to 8 weeks and after that, you should trim it. So, keep an eye on the hooves of your horse and reduce the chance of discomfort and lameness.

7) Visit Your Horse Regularly:

For checking whether your horse is happy, you should visit your horse stable every day (if able). By visiting daily, the bond between you and the horse becomes very strong. So visit your horse and make your bond stronger! 🙂

Just like a human being has friends, horses also like the company of other horses. Make sure he has other equine friends around him.

I hope by reading this blog about “How to Keep Your Horse Happy” you will keep in mind the suggested list of tips on how to do this for your horse.

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Emily Davis works at Cheval Liberte as a community manager. Cheval Liberté has been designing, developing and producing stalls, temporary stables, and stable equipment since 1995. Driven by their passion for horses, Cheval Liberté was founded by both riders and breeders. Since 2005, this passion has been implemented in the UK, with our North Wales company being the sole importer of Cheval Liberté products for distribution and erection throughout the UK & Ireland.

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