Allison Springer & Arthur

I’ll be honest.  I’m in love with Arthur.  I watched the entire Rolex 3-Day event online, and I was immediately drawn to Arthur.  He’s gorgeous, strong, and such a competitor.  I was thrilled when this pair was up to make the Olympic team, and I would have the chance to watch them compete in the Games.

Allison Springer first came to discover the world of horses through a neighbor who had a pony and once the bug hit…she was hooked!  She was able to barter for one of her own by agreeing to quit sucking her thumb!  Ha.  What parents will do sometimes…  She watched the 1984 Olympics and a dream was born.  This will be the first time she has competed in the Olympics and all of her hard work is paying off.  Allison and Arthur placed second overall at the Rolex event, barely beaten by William Fox-Pitt.  For Allison, choosing eventing as her sport was not a hard choice.  “I loved the completeness of the sport,” Allison says. “For me, the three-day eventing was a natural fit.”  Eventing consists of three events:  dressage, cross country, and show jumping.  In addition to competing, Allison has built a successful equestrian business.

Allison found Arthur, a liver chestnut Irish Thoroughbred gelding, in 2004 in Florida when he was five years old.  He had the reputation of being skittish and spooky, but Allison knew she was the type of rider who could turn him into a top competitor, and she loved a challenge.  She refers to Arthur as “her horse of a lifetime.”  The year 2008 turned out to be a big year for the pair as they competed to make the Olympic team in Beijing.   Arthur was named the Reserve Champion of the USEA Gold Cup Series at the Advanced Level.  They had another strong performance at the Rolex Three Day Event in 2009, and Arthur received the Zeppa Trophy for Best Turned Out for both 2008 and 2009.  In 2010, they won at the prestigious Richland Park, and were selected as the Alternate to the USET Three Day Event Team for the World Equestrian Games.  And in 2012, they were named to the US Olympic Eventing Team.  Allison is currently offering a limited number of sponsorship shares in Arthur and would love for you to be a part of “Team Arthur.”

For more information on Allison Springer and Arthur, visit her website here.

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