Approximate Notions Tee

If you love the Approximate Notions pillows (and how can you not they’re gorgeous!), then you are in for a treat with their new tee!  We are thrilled to announce its arrival!  They are made of organic hemp and cotton and feature the beautifully designed AN equine.  They are currently available in white, steel blue, or dirty purple.  What’s even better about these tees are that this fabric doesn’t get sticky in hot, muggy weather!  The hemp fibers are durable, anti-microbial, provide UV protection, and wick moisture.  What could be better this summer!  This tee is absolutely gorgeous and you need it in your closet!  Definitely a must-have!

Contact Felicia at Approximate Notions to order yours today!


*Impulsion Tee is $32.50.  AN logo tee is $28.00.






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  1. Nancy. Clifford
    July 11, 2013 at 11:27 AM

    How can I order these tees.

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