Book Review: Beyond the Homestretch


I love to read and especially to read a good horse book!  I enjoy passing along my finds so hopefully you will discover them as well.  I will confess that I am a little partial to books about Thoroughbreds (maybe because I have one!).  If you have any suggestions on books I should try, feel free to shoot me a note with the information.

I recently read Lynn Reardon’s book “Beyond the Homestretch: What Saving Racehorses Taught Me About Starting Over, Facing Fear, and Finding My Inner Cowgirl.” I thought it was wonderful! In the book, Lynn details accounts of individual horses and their stories. I found the stories fascinating and heartworming. I loved meeting the horses and learning about each one’s special personality. From the snake wrangler to the ranch manager, you will find each horse delightful. This book clearly demonstrates that the horror stories associated with ex-racehorses are not always grounded in truth. These horses are very special and unique, as shown in the story of the ex-racer adopted by a special needs girl. I thought Lynn’s stories were told well and were relatable, and her stories left me wanting more details. I headed over to her website for LOPE and was able to find those updates. I also thought this book provided insight into a problem that is running rampant in our country. Thousands of horses are bred each year for the racing industry, and thousands are deemed not competitive. What happens to these horses? Where do they go? Unfortunately, many end up in the slaughter houses. That is why programs like LOPE are so desperately needed. These horses need a chance to find their second career. Thank you, Lynn, for all that you do for these special horses. I definitely recommend this book. It reads easy and these horses will find a special place in your heart!

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