Confirmed Qualifications for London

I decided to follow up on my post from yesterday about the chase forLondon!  FEI released today the competitors who had qualified for the Olympics 2012.  I am a huge fan of Boyd Martin and his horses as well as Karen O’Connor and Allison Springer.  For dressage, I can’t wait to watch Steffen Peters and Guenter Seidel.  For jumping, you don’t get much better than Rich Fellers! 

Those for USA are listed below:


Country   First/Last Name   FEI ID   Horse Name   HORSE ID   Discipline

  1. USA Will Coleman 10005693 Twizzel GER21345 Eventing
  2. USA Tiana Coudray 10012564 Ringwood Magister USA41006 Eventing
  3. USA Bruce (Buck) Jr. Davidson 10000238 Ballynoe Castle RM USA40729 Eventing
  4. USA Phillip Dutton 10000156 Mystery Whisper AUS40216 Eventing
  5. USA Phillip Dutton 10000156 Mighty Nice A103AE46 Eventing
  6. USA Phillip Dutton 10000156 Fernhill Eagle IRL40369 Eventing
  7. USA Matthew (Will) Faudree 10005691 Andromaque IRL40374 Eventing
  8. USA Matthew (Will) Faudree 10005691 Pawlow IRL03614 Eventing
  9. USA Sinead Halpin 10005481 Manoir de Carneville FRA42046 Eventing
  10. USA Boyd Martin 10003737 Neville Bardos AUS01737 Eventing
  11. USA Boyd Martin 10003737 Otis Barbotiere FRA47380 Eventing
  12. USA Boyd Martin 10003737 Remington XXV USA42578 Eventing
  13. USA Clark Montgomery 10003906 Loughan Glen 102WB17 Eventing
  14. USA Karen O’Connor 10000216 Mr. Medicott GER26715 Eventing
  15. USA Allison Springer 10003546 Arthur USA11240 Eventing


  1. USA Susan Blinks 10000005 Robin Hood NED07101 Dressage
  2. USA Heather Blitz 10003224 Paragon 102MF21 Dressage
  3. USA Jan Ebeling 10003249 Rafalca USA10997 Dressage
  4. USA Todd Flettrich 10012486 Otto USA10871 Dressage
  5. USA Shawna Harding 10031967 Come On III USA40973 Dressage
  6. USA James Koford 10004403 Rhett USA42911 Dressage
  7. USA Tina Konyot 10003430 Calecto V USA41206 Dressage
  8. USA Adrienne Lyle 10015662 Wizard USA10585 Dressage
  9. USA Steffen Peters 10003413 Ravel NED08212 Dressage
  10. Reserve USA Steffen Peters 10003413 Legolas 92 103KZ88 Dressage
  11. USA Kathleen Raine 10003277 Breanna USA42245 Dressage
  12. USA Guenter Seidel 10000043 Fandango USA11420 Dressage
  13. USA Pierre St. Jacques 10015881 Lucky Tiger USA08613 Dressage


  1. USA Lucy Davis 10046138 Nemo 119 GER42375 Jumping
  2. USA Mario Deslauriers 10002174 Cella BEL42185 Jumping
  3. USA Katherine Dinan 10060544 Nougat de Vallet FRA46122 Jumping
  4. USA Margie Engle 10000456 Indigo 102VB74 Jumping
  5. USA Kent Farrington 10009302 Uceko 102NG64 Jumping
  6. USA Rich Fellers 10002620 Flexible USA08670 Jumping
  7. USA Charlie Jayne 10008977 Chill R Z BEL42906 Jumping
  8. USA Reed Kessler 10045920 Cylana 103EC16 Jumping
  9. USA Reed Kessler 10045920 Mika 102OG79 Jumping
  10. USA Laura Kraut 10000453 Cedric NED07862 Jumping
  11. USA Elizabeth Madden 10000458 Coral Reef Via Volo DEN02985 Jumping
  12. USA Elizabeth Madden 10000458 Simon NED07405 Jumping
  13. USA Christine McCrea 10000977 Romantovich Take One NED40986 Jumping
  14. USA Mclain Ward 10002267 Antares F GER42298 Jumping


Let’s go Team USA!!


To view the others who qualified in different countries, go here.

For the latest Olympic news, visit FEI.



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