Equestrian-Themed Party Favors from Etsy

Continuing from my post last week on equestrian-themed party ideas (click here), I thought it would be fun to give some ideas for party favors for your party!  Some of these can be customized and can range from fairly inexpensive to more pricey options.  I’ll share a range so you can find something that will fit your budget and age group!  Favors aren’t a must-have but they sure are fun!

Let’s check out some party favor ideas from Etsy!

Horse Party Favor Bags by MadHatterPartyBox

These are super cute bags that you could fill with candy and keep costs low.  They start at $1.90 for one bag but the more bags you purchase the more discount you receive.

Horse Bubble Favors by MadHatterPartyBox

Who doesn’t love bubbles?  These would also work at a wedding for guests to use when the bride and groom leave.  These start at $1.50 for 1 but are discounted the more you buy.

Pony Bracelets by bysomelove

I don’t know a little girl who would not love this trinket!  You get a set of 10 bracelets for $20.00 which is a great deal!

Pony Hair Ties by ShopThreeGirls

I love these!  Hair ties are a good party favor for any age because we all use them.  Get 2 hair ties for $3.00.

Equestrian Themed Lip Balm by PartyFavorsUSA

These are a fun favor that has several options.  You can customize the text as well as the flavor of lip balm.  These come in a set of 6 for $10.80.

Horse Wish Bracelets by ARTandDecorations

What’s better than leaving a party with a wish?  These are a cute rope bracelet with horse charm and 1 is $1.80 but the more you purchase the more discount you receive.

Horse Party Bag by MadHatterPartyBox

This would be a fun party bag for kids.  It comes with a horse cookie cutter, small jar of Play-Doh, bubbles, and model horse.  You can get 1 for $8.25 and the more you purchase the bigger the discount.

Equestrian Personalized Makeup Bag by BrantPointPrep

This bag is perfect for any age group – I would love to have one myself!  They are personalized with the name of your choice and features this beautiful horse head.  It measures 10.5″ by 6.5″.  It is available for purchase for $9.77 each.

Monogrammed Horse Notepad by NoteWorthyPaperPlace

I’m from the south where are monograms are THE thing.  Combining it with a horse and you have a hit!  These start at $13.00 each.

Vintage Style Rose Horse Note Cards by ShopPonyMacaroni

A customized set of equestrian note cards would be an amazing party favor!  These rose note cards are $32.00 for a set of 25 flat cards.

I hope this gave you some ideas on favors you could offer at your next event!  Remember, it’s the thought that counts the most, and your guests will be tickled you thought of them.

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