Fashion Forward Competition Coats for 2014

If you are debating on which competition shirt from yesterday’s post to get, let me make it a little harder for you now.  Which of these competition jackets are you going to pair with your favorite riding shirt?  These coats are sure to make you stand out in the ring and get noticed.  You will definitely win the best dressed/best turnout!  (Don’t you wish there was that award!)


Spooks Patch Show Jacket

As most of you know already, I am a huge fan of the resurgence of the elbow patch.  I think it’s a totally fun detail and I love that you can get them in contrasting colors.  If you aren’t quite ready to add on the bling but still want to be on trend, get a show coat with elbow patches.  Available at Spooks.




Animo Lilly Show Jacket

This jacket from Animo caught my attention for 2 reasons: the color and the cut.  This color is fresh yet understated, and from the cut of this jacket, you know the fit will be super flattering.  This coat will easily pair with several colors of breeches.  Available at Animo.


Kingsland Treviso Show Coat

This Kingsland dressage jacket just looks super luxurious.  It’s classic but still feels modern so this is perfect if you are looking at an updated classic show coat.  Contact Kingsland for where to purchase.



Spooks Show Jacket – Create Your Own

Having the opportunity to add some details to your show coat to really make it unique to you, I am all for.  Especially if you can add some sparkle!  I love the coat just like it is below but would have a lot of fun creating one just for me.  What details would you choose?  Available at Spooks.



Animo Lenny

Look at it!  Do I really need to go into reasons as to why we need this coat in our closet?  It’s perfect!  The rhinestones, the cut, the color, everything—I really want it bad!  Available at Animo.



 Equiline Cadence Shadbelly

This shadbelly just looks smart.  I adore the detailing on the collar and the lines of this shadbelly.  This one to invest in and could wear for years!  Available at Dressage Extensions.equiline_cadence_shadbelly

Goode Rider Ideal Show Coat

 The silhouette on this show coat is really beautiful.  Goode Rider really knows how to cut their apparel to really flatter a woman’s body.  The lines are great, and I love the bit detail on the pockets.  A truly beautiful coat at a great price!  Available at Goode Rider.



 Equine Couture Italia Show Coat

This is a great show coat if you’re on a budget.  It has some great fashion forward details like the darts and piping.  This one is made of lightweight stretch fabric so it will move and breathe with you.  You will definitely stand out in this jacket!  Available at Equestrian Collections.


Which is your favorite?

2 comments for “Fashion Forward Competition Coats for 2014

  1. April 3, 2014 at 12:42 PM

    I love the Kingsland dressage jacket! would love one!

  2. Helena
    September 1, 2014 at 2:43 PM

    I got the one with the patches by spooks on my birthday yesterday and I love it!

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