Horse Show Good Luck Charms

Do you have a favorite good luck charm for horse shows that you don’t leave the house without?  I do!  Mine happen to be a pair of diamond stud earrings.  I think they always add just enough sparkle and class to my show outfit.  But these good luck charms don’t have to just be earrings!  They can be a number of things.  Here are a few that I think would make wonderful good luck charms!


Going For the Blue Ribbon Necklace



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Shod Horse Hoof Necklace

shod hoof

(I have this and it is so gorgeous!  More later.)

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Lucky Horseshoe Necklace



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Horse Show Mom Necklace


(Maybe you’re wearing a good luck charm to help someone else 😉 )

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Sterling Silver Horseshoe Earrings from Shop Dapple Gray


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Double Horseshoe Necklace at Shop Dapple Gray


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Rhinestone Horseshoe Necklace



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Hand Stamped Bridle Tag

bridle tag


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