Nicker Bait: The Perfect Horse Show Treat For Your Horse

Did you know Nicker Bait offers treats perfect for horse shows? Whether you need cookies for class prizes or cookie packs for goodie bags, Nicker Bait has you covered! You can offer fresh straight from the bakery treats at your next event. We use organic and premium ingredients. We offer unique highly colorful packaging that makes treat giving even more fun. Their horses will love the treats, and the competitors will remember where they got those great treats…your show! Make it special with Nicker Bait …they just can’t wait!


We offer a baker’s dozen for all shows. Please contact us for other special pricing based on volume needed.


We also offer a custom cookie package with your logo. You pick the toppings so it is truly a one of a kind prize. Contact us for details!


Ready to know the scrumptious flavors that will have your horse begging for more?


Peppermint Passion
Carrot Stick
Banana Chip
Candied Sweet Potato
Tummy Bling


Try the Pill-Camo if your horse needs to take a pill but snarls his nose at it!  It’s hidden and free from sight and smell.  Giving their medication has never been easier!


Show your horse how much you love him and how proud you are with a reward of Nicker Bait!  Order your treats today and see what other fabulous items they have to offer!  Have questions?  Feel free to contact us – [email protected]!
Melinda, owner of Nicker Bait


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