Official 2012 US Equestrian Olympic Teams

We are down to basically 1 day before the Olympic Equestrian events begin!  I am so ecstatic!  I will be out taking care of the horses at the Thoroughbred rescue this weekend when they begin but my DVR is set!  It will be so wonderful to come in and be able to watch the competition.  Below are the official equestrian teams.  Be sure to click on their names for a brief bio and video!  Let the Games begin!

Eventing Team:

  1. Will Coleman on Twizzel
  2. Tiana Coudray on Ringwood Magister
  3. Phillip Dutton on Mystery Whisper
  4. Boyd Martin on Otis Barbotiere
  5. Karen O’Connor on Mr. Medicott
  6. Becky Holder on Can’t Fire Me (Alternate)
  7. Allison Springer on Arthur (Alternate)


Dressage Team:

  1. Tina Konyot on Calecto V
  2. Steffen Peters on Ravel
  3. Jan Ebeling on Rafalca
  4. Adrienne Lyle on Wizard


Show Jumping:

  1. Rich Fellers on Flexbile
  2. Beezie Madden on Coral Reef Via Volo
  3. Reed Kessler on Cylana
  4. McLain Ward on Antares F
  5. Charlie Jayne on Chill RZ
  6. Beezie Madden on Cortes ‘C’ (Alternate)
  7. Jessica Springsteen on Vornado van de Hoendrik (Alternate)



*A special thanks to USEF Network!*

4 comments for “Official 2012 US Equestrian Olympic Teams

  1. July 31, 2012 at 9:48 PM

    thanks for announcing. Love that each is linked to their bios. Again your writing and website are so much clear then other sites. Who’s your personal fav? I’m rooting on Beezie and Steffen!

    • August 1, 2012 at 8:41 PM

      Thank you so much for the kind words! My personal fave was actually Allison Springer and Arthur and was bummed they got the alternate spot. But I am rooting for Boyd Martin, Steffen Peters, and Reed Kessler! I do love to watch Rich Fellers and Flexible. It is going to be so exciting to watch! I can’t wait.

    • August 6, 2012 at 8:52 PM

      Thanks so much for the mention!

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