Review: Equi-Spa Grooming Products

If you have followed Velvet Rider for long, you know I’m always on the lookout for awesome new grooming products and particularly love ones with all natural ingredients.  Equi-Spa grooming products boasts natural ingredients that are effective yet sensitive for your horse.  I can attest that they do in fact work!  One of my favorite things about these products was how wonderful they smelled.  They had a great clean, sweet smell and I didn’t mind coming away smelling like them!  (But let’s face it…do we ever actually mind smelling like our horse? Ha!)  Below you will find some before and after photos as well as of the products themselves.

I need to take a moment to point out how well the packaging was done.  Each product came in a protective sleeve so there was no chance for a mess from a spill during transit.  They also came with sprays if it needed one.  The packaging really elevated this brand in my opinion.


Read on to find which ones you need to add to your grooming tote asap!


Equi-Spa Grapefruit Coat Refresh

This is one of those products you always need to have handy especially at shows.  If you need to quickly remove a dirty spot or stain, this is what you need.  It’s meant for quick cleanings when a bath just isn’t an option.  It also smells great with a light blend of citrus scents and includes witch hazel to help your horse feel refreshed.



Just a few quick sprays in the dirty area and I let it sit for a little bit before brushing it.



As you can see, the hair is much smoother and has more shine!  It was super easy to use and dried quickly.  Perfect for touch ups on the go!  You can buy a bottle of the Grapefruit Coat Refresh here.

Equi-Spa Fairy Tails! Lotion

I had a pretty big job tackling Taylor’s thick and tangled mane and tail so I really put the Fairy Tails! Lotion to the test!  I prefer a cream to a spray for a detangler.  I just feel like I can work it in better.  This is specially formulated for heavy hair and deep tangles, and the best part is that it has non-toxic ingredients as it has essential oils and amino acids!  This is also safe to use on dogs.  This lotion smells like a fairy tale!  It has a fresh botanical scent that is heavenly.  Put a little of the lotion in your hand then work into the mane and tail and let sit for about 2 minutes before brushing out.


Mane Before:

Mane After:

This stuff worked SO well!  And the tangles fell out!  I am such a fan.  This helped so much to detangle the mane so I could then trim/pull it to make it look more presentable.  I had really let it go…oops!

Tail Before:

This is going to be a doozy! Or is it…  (Note: Taylor is new in a herd so he’s dealing with some knicks because of that).

Tail After:

No more tangles!  I always pick out a tail a section at a time to try to prevent as much breaking as possible.  This lotion helped to work through the tangles to produce a sleek, fairy-tail!  Pick up some for yourself here.


Equi-Spa Jojoba Hoof Moisturizing Mist

I was very excited to try this hoof mist because Taylor is prone to chipping especially in the summer.  It consists of a number of oils like jojoba oil, coconut oil, soy oil, and others that are known to nourish, increase circulation, and for their cell renewal properties that aid in stronger hooves.  It was very easy to apply as you just spray it around the coronary band.  I have not used this long enough yet to have a definite opinion so I will do a follow-up post later on.  I have liked what I have seen so far!  You can purchase it to try for yourself here.



Can’t wait to see the progress!  I also wanted to note that the sprayer for this mist has a lock option so you don’t waste any product.  Just press on the square to lock the sprayer when not in use.  Loved this feature!


Equi-Spa Sheath and Udder Cleaner

I loved the idea of a sheath cleaner with all natural ingredients for such a sensitive area!  This cleaner helps to loosen up the dirt and is easy to clean off.  It also helps to reduce future dirt buildup.  I will spare you the photos of me actually doing sheath cleaning haha!  That might be the worst part of owning a male horse, and Taylor is not exactly keen on the idea himself.  He does not care for sheath cleaning day.  The product was easy to use, made it easier to clean, and rinsed clean.  I definitely recommend this one!  You can purchase it here.


Equi-Spa grooming products was a big hit with me and I can’t wait to try some of their other products!  They made the grooming process easier, they smell wonderful, and they really care about the horse’s overall well being.  Taylor had a nap during his Equi-Spa day and loved the products too!



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