Review: Horze Supreme Avalanche Pro Riding Rug

Winter is quickly approaching which means winter coats are growing thicker and it’s time for clipping.  We should still be mindful of our horse’s comfort when schooling and that is why quarter sheets are a must.  They are perfect to drape on while warming up and schooling, and there are several styles available that allow for quick take off if needed.  The Horze Supreme Avalanche Pro Riding Rug is a high quality quarter sheet at an affordable price and is a must-have for your horse’s closet.





This quarter sheet is padded and has a water repellant outer lining so it can stand up to various types of weather.  It is designed to keep your horse’s loins covered to prevent any type of chill while riding and has a Velcro front closure for easy fastening in front of your saddle.  It has a sporty style and is very sharp looking.  This Horze rug is black with a lighter blue inner lining and trim.  I love it!



Petey is an 84″ so I received the quarter sheet in size 72/135 which turned out to just be a little short for him but still usable.  (He is really long!)  I loved how it could wrap around you to the front of the saddle or secure it under your saddle.  Versatility is key in the equestrian world!  It also comes with a tail cord.





Horze never disappoints when it comes to their products.  I am continually completely satisfied with each item I get from them.  They are definitely one of my go-to equestrian companies any time I am looking for something for me or my horses.  You will be happy with Horze products too!  Be sure to check out this one and their other quarter sheets!  They have one to fit your needs!

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