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Fly bonnets are one of my favorite accessories for my horses, and it’s an inexpensive way to have different “outfits” for your horse.  They are easy to customize so you can really let your creativity flow.  I really enjoyed working with up-and-coming Wish Equestrian to create the perfect bonnet for my new horse, Petey.  I was looking for something classic and chic but also had some sparkle as I adore bling.  Wish Equestrian offers several options to customize a bonnet that is perfect for you and your horse.  They did not disappoint when it came to Petey’s!

wisheqlogoI decided on a classic black bonnet with white trim.  Wish Equestrian added a strip of white thread crocheted into the black which I thought was a wonderful touch.  It really enhanced the white cording.  I also chose the round shape (there are 4 styles to choose from) and requested two rows of clear rhinestones.  It has the perfect amount of sparkle, and Petey looked so handsome in it!

They offer 3 sizes: pony, horse, and oversize.  Petey is wearing the oversize option.  There are 22 base/trim colors available, tons of bling and crystal options, embroidery, and 20 cording colors.  There is definitely something for everyone!  The bonnets also come with an adorable wishbone charm for a little extra luck in our rides.  Prices start at $60 per bonnet and they also have ready-made bonnets you can purchase.













I had a fabulous experience working with Wish Equestrian!  Check them out and let them create your next favorite bonnet!

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  1. September 1, 2015 at 6:18 AM

    Oh I am in love! Looks great!!

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