ShowMags Magnetic Show Number Holders

I love coming across products that are just smart and convenient.  That’s exactly what I thought about ShowMags!  These are perfect for all you riders out there showing and have been pinning numbers to your show clothes.  Tired of punching holes in your clothes?  ShowMags are for you!  These are decorative magnetic show number holders so no pins required!  Not only are these practical and affordable, but they also add a little touch of something unique to your attire.  You have several different options to choose from.  I, of course, love the sparkle factor.  An added bonus is that ShowMags is family owned and operated and made right here in the USA.   




The magnets are made with super duty, nickle plated magnets.  Two magnets will hold your show number, but four are recommended to secure every corner.


Square Iridescent ShowMags



Squares with Rhinestones ShowMags



Clover with Rhinestones ShowMags



Flower Sparkle ShowMags



Small Sparkle Circle ShowMags



Large Silver Concho ShowMags



Small Silver Concho ShowMags



Silver and Turquoise Concho ShowMags


And many more to choose from!

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