The Painting Horse Metro Releases Coloring Book


With Pen in teeth, painting horse autographs his new book

Gettysburg, Pa – October 4, 2015 – Adult coloring books are hot, and so is this best selling artist from Gettysburg, Pa. who just happens to be a horse….a painting horse. Metro Meteor, a 12 year old retired thoroughbred racehorse took up painting when his hobbled knees prevented him from having a second career away from the track. He soon became the best selling artist at Gallery 30 in Gettysburg. Now Metro has designed his first coloring book titled: Coloring with Metro with all the drawings designed by Metro and his artist/owner, Ron Krajewski.


“Metro will paint with whatever he can hold in his mouth, be it a brush, paint pen or Magic marker.” Says Metro’s owner Ron Krajewski. “He just loves to stand at the easel”. Ron does the initial drawing, usually of Metro or one of his barn buddies, then hands the paint pen to Metro, who proceeds to draw all over the canvas holding pen in teeth. Coloring artists are challenged to make their own stunning artwork out of Metro’s drawings. “This isn’t one of those boring, color in the shapes type of coloring books”, says Ron. “Now everyone can do what I do every day, work side by side with Metro and create artwork out of his strokes.”

50% of the proceeds from the sale of Metro’s paintings are donated to New Vocations Racehorse Adoption program to help other retired racehorses find second careers and loving homes. To date Metro has raised over $80,000 for the cause.

Metro’s new coloring book Coloring with Metro is now available on

Find out more about Metro and his work for Charity at

Note: Here is  HD video of Metro and I autographing and creating the coloring book together, that was taken be me, Ron Krajewski, that you have permission to air. At the end of the video are samples of finished paintings.


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