US Olympic Horses Ready for London

It’s Olympic year!

I have been trying very hard to keep up with all of the Olympic hub bub, picking out my faves, and crossing my fingers they make the cut.  So far I have been pleased with who potentially will be representing the USA in equestrian events.  In case you didn’t know, you can catch a lot of events on USEF Network.  I was able to watch the entire Rolex 3 Day Event there, and it was fabulous! 

The 10 eventing horses that made the US Team have now arrived in London, and they got there in the style they deserve!  Fed-Ex safely delivered these special horses in a direct flight, and they passed the quarantine inspection.  I have to admit I do have a couple of favorites…I adore Allison Springer and Arthur and Boyd Martin and Neville Bardos.

Here are the others that have been nominated for the other teams.

US Dressage Team:

Athletes and horse are listed in ranked order based on the results from the 2012 USEF Selection Trials & Grand Prix National Championship:

1/3. Steffen Peters and Four Winds Farm’s Legolas 92 AND Ravel*
2. Tina Konyot and her own Calecto V
4. Jan Ebeling and Ann Romney, Beth Meyers, Amy Ebeling’s Rafalca
5. Adrienne Lyle and Peggy Thomas’ Wizard
6. Todd Flettrich and Cherry Knoll Farm’s Otto
7. Heather Blitz and her own Paragon
8. Guenter Seidel and Toyon Farm’s Fandango
9. Pierre St. Jacques and his own Lucky Tiger
10. Kathleen Raine and Jennifer Mason and David Wightman’s Breanna
11. Shawna Harding and her own Come On III
12. Susan Blinks and the Minnesota Group’s Robin Hood
13. Jim Koford on Shirley McQuillan’s Rhett

This team is comprised of three horse/rider combinations.


US Show Jumping Team:

The ranked order of the athlete/horse combinations for the FEI Nominated Entries is as follows:

  1. Rich Fellers and Mollie and Harry Chapman’s Flexible  **he’s fantastic!
  2. Beezie Madden and Coral Reef Ranch’s Coral Reef Via Volo
  3. Reed Kessler on her own Cylana
  4. McLain Ward and Grant Road Partners’ Antares F
  5. Charlie Jayne and Pony Lane Farm’s Chill RZ
  6. Beezie Madden and Abigail Wexner’s Simon
  7. Reed Kessler and her own Mika
  8. Laura Kraut and Cherry Knoll Farm’s Cedric
  9. Margie Engle and Greise, Garber, Gladewinds and Hidden Creek’s Indigo
  10. Kent Farrington and RCG Farm’s Uceko
  11. Christine McCrea and Windsor Show Stables’ Romantovich Take One
  12. Lucy Davis and Old Oak Farm’s Nemo 119
  13. Mario Deslauriers and Jane Forbes Clark’s Cella
  14. Katie Dinan and Grant Road Partners’ Nougat du Vallet

This team will comprise of 4 rider/horse combinations and 1 alternate. 

I will also confess that if there are OTTBs competing I will undoubtedly be rooting for them!  I love nothing more than a successful exracehorse in his second career!  It’s probably because I have one too!  🙂


*The photographers hold all rights to these photos.




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