Velvet Rider’s Twelve Days of Christmas Recap


I wanted to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that participated in the Twelve Days of Christmas!  You all made it an enormous success!  To all the businesses/brands that had a day and offered giveaways/discounts, thank you so so much!  Definitely could not have done it without you!  To VR followers, thank you for checking back each day to see whose day it was and for faithfully entering the giveaways and sharing!  Your support of VR and these businesses is appreciated more than you know!

I hope you all had as much fun as I did and have a happy holidays!




Here is a recap of the Twelve Days of Christmas and where you can find them!

  1. A Horse Box
  2. Deco Pony
  3. Equestrianista Apparel
  4. Saucy Piaffe
  5. Pearl Bridle Art
  6. Nicker Bait
  7. ShowMags
  8. Ziky Boutique
  9. Dapple Gray
  10. Approximate Notions
  11. Julie Browning Bova
  12. Tara Kiwi


christmas_AHB decopony_logoEA_logoSP_logoPBA_logoNB_collage_giftDSC_0377ZikyBoutique_logoDG_LogoAN_logoJBBD_LogoTK_logo

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