VR’s 12 Days of Christmas Winners 2015

Below is a list of all the winners from our 12 Days of Christmas!  Congrats everyone and enjoy!

Hands On Gloves:

  • Evie W.
  • Roxanne C.
  • Caitlin T.
  • Amber T.
  • Sarah M.
  • Becky S.
  • Joannie H.
  • Kristin P.
  • Maleea A.
  • Krista G.
  • Ashley W.
  • Mary R.


Annie’s Equestrienne Apparel Breeches:

  • Brenna M.

Bridle Bling Prize Package:

  • Kathryn H.

Nicker Bait Treat Bundle:

  • Shanda H.

A Horse Box:

  • Alexis L.

Pony Glam Hoof Hi-Lites:

  • Unclaimed

Equestrianista Collection Sweatshirt and Charm:

  • Jordan K.

Wish Equestrian Custom Bonnet:

  • Brittany H.

Comfortably Stabled Custom Painted Grooming Tote:

  • Mary C.

Ziky Boutique Shirt Fleuri Tee:

  • Tera B.

Horze Avalanche Blanket:

  • Kara O.

La Matera Diplomatico Belt:

  • Hilary L.

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