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As the banner says above, Ziky Boutique only selects the best grooming products for your horse!  I have several products from Ziky that I use daily.  They are high quality products that my sensitive OTTB loves!  I don’t think he’d let me use anything else.

Fun Fact:  ZIKY carefully selects grooming brushes from Germany.


First up are some really fun bath tools for your horse.  The Jelly Scrubber is perfect for cleaning your horse’s face!  Taylor, my OTTB, can be a little sensitive when it comes to grooming products and definitely has an opinion.  I have this Jelly Scrubber in pink and love it.  I use the mini massage nubs to scrub his face during his bath and he loves it!  Those eyes get to drooping and I’m able to get his face super clean.  Absolutely love this!




I just received the Shower Brush and haven’t had a chance to use it yet but am looking forward to it!  The quality and idea of the brush is superb!  Synthetic hair is placed in two rows around the outside of a sponge.  Bristles remove dirt while the sponge foams up the shampoo.  It has a durable synthetic base, and the nylon webbing strap is mildew resistant and can be wet prolonged and repeated times.




The Soft Body Brush is my go to choice for a finishing brush.  The soft bristles whisk away any remaining dust and leaves a beautiful shine on the coat.  This is a very soft and dense brush for the body.  Great for finishing up the grooming job to obtain maximum shine with natural, high quality fibers.  Synthetic body and leather strap.  Machine washable in protective laundry bag.  This brush definitely needs a place in your grooming box!




The Hoof Pick Joker is your hoof pick with a brush but check out these super fun colors!




The Cleaning Cloth is the best grooming cloth out there!  I have 2 of these.  One for my horse and one to wipe down my saddle after each use.  Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is great to clean tack, it’s lint free, and has a hook to hang up.  Machine wash and hang to dry.  It’s available in Lime green.  Free with the purchase of the Leather Balm and the Leather Cleaner.  You definitely need to have a few of these laying around the barn!




After choosing your fabulous grooming products from Ziky, you need a Grooming Apron to put them in and making the grooming process that much more efficient!  These are really convenient when you are braiding and trimming for a horse show.  Comes with three large pockets across the front with tie closure.  My problem was…I couldn’t decided which one to get so I got 2!  I absolutely love the craftsmanship of the handmade aprons and the colors.  They are beyond adorable!  Be sure to pick one up for yourself!




My two aprons:




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